MBA and Commercial Real Estate


The Master of Business Administration is a postgraduate degree awarded to students who have gone through and mastered the intense study of business. The MBA is viewed as one of the most prestigious degrees in the world and is practically a necessity in today’s business world.

As a symbol of advance knowledge in business, the MBA degree is a requirement for most executive and senior level management positions and many companies do not even consider applicants without this essential credential.

The mastery of skills obtained in the MBA course of study is relevant to all industries as it covers general management in addition to whatever specialized curriculum is chosen.

Those who hold MBA degrees are highly qualified leaders with specialized skills and leadership qualities that are beneficial in any project or transaction. Brokers with this degree not only have a solid understanding of management but also a practical knowledge in the field of business administration.

Brokers with this highly sought out degree understand demographic trends, applicable laws, financing, and market analysis. These same commercial real estate brokers are also very entrepreneurial. They are equipped to handle a wide range of challenges that vary from location’s effect on distribution costs and discovery of environmental hazards. Professionals with MBAs are in tune with business trends as well as changes in laws and zoning that may impact clients and their investments.

Real Estate is a competitive industry, which is why having an educated and experienced broker is imperative. Commercial real estate brokers with MBAs are able to provide more for their clients by investigating, researching, analyzing, negotiating, planning and marketing as much as possible to yield the best deal.



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